Football Betting System … A sure way to win 9 times out of 10!

Just think how much money you could simply win by using a football betting system is able to make in 9 out of 10 …

If you have a couple of people asked this question: –

Do you think that it is possible to win 90% of the time easy with a football betting system?

Answers would probably be something like …

“I do not think you never see a poor bookmaker you do”

“You can not consistently win money, the bookmaker will get you always eventually”

“You are always more than you lose to win, the bookmaker will make sure that the”

“The bookmakers make millions of pounds profit each year, so it will not be so simple”

“It’s a game, coffee cups, no football betting system or betting system can win 90% of the time”

These are the kind of answers / comments that you probably expect to hear from most people. It looks like the bookies really did it!

So, it really is a cup game?

Well, it’s just a game, cups, if you think it would be more than you win to lose, if you could find a way to 90% of the time to win, then it would not be a cup game more a really smart game be.

Winning 9 times out of 10, as could reach the average person?

First of all you need to start thinking like a bookmaker and look at betting from a completely different angle with a clinical and professional approach.

Thanks to the internet, the average person now has the opportunity to bet and make money in the same way as the bookmakers have always done. This is so possible through the use of betting exchanges such as Betfair, Betdaq

Since the establishment of betting exchanges, it is now possible to bet on losing almost any sporting event, rather than simply to win bets.

This is called put, if you have a LAY They say that the event of the transfer is not to win, these golf players could a football team, horse in a race, etc., in fact almost any sporting event imaginable to create one now available.

This approach needs to be fully understood, so that you think, and to earn money as a bookmaker. It is not difficult, just different.

All bookmakers are layers, so that when you do you actually play the role of a bookmaker on Betfair LAY. It may sound a little complicated if you know absolutely nothing about the subject, believe me, this is really very simple. Betting exchanges such as “Betfair” have excellent areas of assistance should you require more information.

I have included an installation example below, to help with your understanding.

I will try, very easy to explain in format …

Team A-7/4, Draw 2/1, Team B 5/2

Here’s how it works: –

If you set the draw for say 10 at odds of 2/1 then,

When the game ended in a draw you would lose 20 (2 x 10).

If the game would not end in a draw to win 10 (your LAY participation), in other words you have played the role of the bookmaker, and you get the (less a small commission to the betting exchange) to hold 10 pounds.

This is exactly the same as walking into any bookmakers shop and place a 10 bet at odds of 2/1, with the difference that, if the bet did not win the bookmaker keeps your money ( 10 Participation) . Each time you successfully lay on a betting exchange yourself with the participation money by having to maintain the role of the bookmaker.

Therefore, the question remains: –

How do you win 9 times out of 10 simply with a football betting system?

Well, we all know that picking a loser is much, much easier than picking a winner. Always keen to develop its place highly selective in your approach. Remember, you do not have to put every single game, be professional and highly selective at all times.

Start making your own accurate records. You can only league, initially remain. Take the two teams played date, table items, home goals, away goals, odds, results, etc.

You will begin to find patterns that look from your records, which in turn fuel your thought processes and then you will, while suspended with a lot of fun on the way to creating your own money-making football betting system.

Take a good look at the betting exchanges, and you will quickly find that there are many more markets and opportunities than just about home, draw and away, especially within the Premier League, all. Laying with many possibilities

Winning 90% of the time from the world of football losers may be reality, but you must make the necessary homework and start your own accurate records.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope that I fueled your enthusiasm to so that you start to win the creation of your own football betting system in 9 out of 10