Is there such a thing as free poker chips? Yes and no. You do not really need any special supplies to play cards (except, of course, the cards). All that is in addition to the cards just a bonus. The big question is, what makes the best free poker chips and why?

Really anything can be used as free poker chips. If you literally only a deck of cards and three of your best friends and want to go to the game, you play with nothing can. Each player can only make a mental note in your head how much you have and how much you lose … Hold all bets and ante the same … For example, if each player starts with fifty points, and each ante costs a point and every time you decide to raise the stakes, you must also deduct a point.

But why bother with all that math? Unless you are stranded on a deserted island, it must be something that you use as free poker chips, right? So what are the alternatives? Well, it depends on where you are. Whenever the boss leaves early for the day in my office, we often play a game (or twenty) sitting around one of our desks. There are many things we can use around the office, is the best alternative paper clips. If you do not have the colored ones, representing various denominations, do not worry! You can use metal paper clips for a dollar bet for a five-dollar bet, a rubber band and push pins for a ten-dollar bet.

Ok, you are not in the office. You want to play a game of Texas Hold’em, but you do not have any chips, and everyone who. Around twenty, fifty and one hundred dollar bills What to do man? Well, you can get your children to invade games and take the bank from him. Monopoly or have life-sized banks that you can use easily. And imagine the thrill able to plunk down a $ 500 dollar bill, as you use it only for a 50-cent bet!

No games at home, do not worry, there are many other things you can use poker chips for free. Foods are used when you are in a pinch. For example, you can use different sweets for different names. Maybe a single cone would be a 50-cent bet would be an M & M is a dollar bet and the five-dollar bet would be a chocolate kiss. Get creative, but do not forget that eating your profits could only hurt your bankbook!

If you really want to play a few games of cards and need free poker chips, there are several creative ways you can solve this problem. Whether keeping a mental tally in my head, with office supplies, loot the bank of a popular board game, or with a few snacks you should get by in a pinch. If you are reading this, really a desert island, and all you have is literally himself and a card game, you can always put your clothes.